Typically we close in 2-4 weeks. Should we run-into title (record of ownership) problems, it may take a little longer, or until our curative team resolves any clouds on your title.  Usually, there are 7 steps to entering and closing a contract with Bull Run Acquisitions II, LLC.


  1. We verbally, or in writing that you accept our offer
  2. We will mail you the paperwork consisting of a Purchase & Sale Agreement; and a Deed.
  3. Review the paperwork to ensure all information is correct, if any changes need to be made, initial each change in the margin beside it.
  4. Go before a notary and sign the documents, EXACTLY AS YOUR NAME APPEARS.
  5. Within five (5) business days after receipt of the properly executed contracts and notarized documents, Bull Run will mail you a non-refundable deposit check for the earnest money/ down payment and begin checking your title.
  6. Upon our review & confirmation that record title is clear and marketable, we will issue the final payment pursuant to the Purchase and Sale Agreement 
  7. Both parties walk away happy!