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Everyone knows you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket.  Natural Gas is an extremely volatile commodity. Prices can crash in the blink of an eye.  Income derived from Natural gas is unpredictable, to say the least.  Connecting too much of your savings or assets to Natural Gas is extremely risky.  Why not sell a portion of your royalty or minerals and re-invest that money into something more stable?


Lump Sum Payment



Cash Needs

Unlock value by converting your royalty rights into a lump sum payment. Converting your interests into cash today can provide you funds to:

  • Take a vacation
  • Pay tuition
  • Invest in safer assets
  • Pay off high interest credit cards
  • Pay off medical bills
  • Get caught up on bills
  • Make home or car repairs
  • Invest in your business
  • Invest in real estate
  • Help a family member or friend
  • Buy a second home
  • Donate to a worthy cause


Reduce Risk and Volatility

Over the last few years we’ve seen wild fluctuations in oil from $110 to $26 /BBL and natural gas from $6 to $1.50 /MCF. We’ve also seen certain counties go through a few months of increased drilling activity, only to get quickly abandoned by the operators once a new play is discovered somewhere else. Just like the old adage, “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush”, it could be a long time, if ever, before the property actually makes you the amount of money that we are willing to pay now.  Regardless of what’s under the ground, until it’s actually drilled, brought to the surface and sold……it’s making no-one any money.  The timing of when a particular property will be fully developed or realize it’s full value is impossible to predict.If you’re not comfortable with this level of risk and volatility, you may want to consider converting some of your minerals into cash.


Estate Planning

If your heirs do not understand the oil and gas business as well as you do, they may make poor decisions with the minerals in your absence. It is always easiest to leave cash to your heirs.


Other Obligations

A lump sum payout can help eliminate debt, purchase a new home, or cover college expenses.


Tax Advantages

Taking long-term capital gains from a sale may be more efficient than being taxed on ordinary income every year. Consult with your tax advisor.